The difference between our luxury class apartments and the Standard category is exactly in your condition, if retired or not, your furniture, equipment and comfort of your accommodations, regardless of their distance from the beach.
Studio apartments type normally have one double bed and may also have 1 sofa bed for 1 person. Your accommodation is ideal for 1, 2, up to 3 people at most, according to their accommodation and square footage. Apartment type room and separate bedroom: Usually apartments are larger than the Studios, with separating wall between the living room and the bedroom. Your accommodations will vary 2-4 comfortably, usually containing a double bed in the bedroom and a double sofa bed for 1 or 2 people in the room. There are also those apartments type living room and bedroom with a small reversible extra room, this usually with a single bed. Type room apartments and 2 rooms and apartments are equipped with 1 double bed in each of the 1 sofa bed bedrooms in the room. Other apartments of the same type are already equipped with one double bed in the 1st bedroom, two single beds in the 2nd bedroom and 1 sofa bed in the lounge. Its accommodations also vary from 4, 5 to 6 people maximum. Apartments and room type 3/4: They are very comfortable apartments for their spacious guestrooms. They are usually equipped with one double bed in the 1st quarter, by varying the type of accommodation in other rooms, which are now equipped with 2 single beds in the 2nd bedroom and another 2 single beds in the 3rd bedroom. It can also vary from apartment for your accommodation. Type room apartments and 4 rooms are apartments for families who require a lot of space and accommodations. Usually they have a double bed in the 1st bedroom with double or two single beds in each of the remaining quarters, or sometimes equipped with sofa beds as your furniture. PS: The exact form of accommodation will be mentioned in the description of the apartments.
Our apartments are not equipped with safes. It is not common the apartments are equipped with safes. Our apartments are located in buildings with doormen 24 hours and have intercom or intercom that are triggered by the visitor and attended by the resident who in turn authorize or not the visitor access. IMPORTANT: The safe installation service inside the apartment is optional. If the customer wants to hire such a service, you must pay an additional fee of R $ 425.00 or US $ 180.00 in advance. After vacating the apartment by the tenant, can not even remove the safe from the installed location, forcing herself even to return his key to Copacabana Holiday.
The values of our apartment vary with: • apartment size. • apartment category is Standard or Deluxe. • Square meters. • If equipped with air conditioning or not. • With a view more or less privileged. • Number of accommodation. • Number of people. • Number of days (the longer the period the lower price). • If high or low season. • If rented during New Year or Carnival.

Portanto, para obter informações quanto a valores, sugerimos preencher nosso formulário disponível em: • Informações e reservas, responderemos o mais breve possível a todas as suas perguntas.